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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
You may also wish to consider the 4 or 8 bay UHF antennas
from MCM electronics..... In my experiences installing antennas,
I've rarely found any other design that can beat out the design
for gain, reliability and durability.
OK. I will look into these as well.

Did another test this morning and swapped out the TV with another one. No question the DAT 790 is shot. Put in my U4000 4 bay and all channels are again received.

The DAT 790 gave me stronger gain than the U4000 but a little less than my Super G 1483. I don't want to use either antenna at this location since there are trees and limbs nearby that could easily damage the antenna. Want something currently in production that can easily be replaced with the identical antenna should it meet an untimely demise due to weather.
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