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Log Periodics vs. 4 and 8 Bays

I was just about ready to buy a 4 bay or 8 bay antenna for my current home after the Televes DAT 790 MIX that I just installed croaked. Worked great for a day and a half but then the pre amp bit the dust. I've decided I don't want to deal with the hassle of using such a proprietary pre amp and instead will go back to my Titan from Channel Master with the next antenna.

Anyhow, can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Log Periodic vs. the 4 and 8 bays?

I do know that 4 bay antennas have a wider beam width while the 8 bay's are narrower in that respect and require more precise aiming. Since I plan to use a rotor once I install a permanent installation that is not an issue.

I've read that the Log Periodic antennas have lower gain than the 4 or 8 bay's but somehow manage to do quite well at picking up and holding fringe channels. Read a number of reviews on the Antenna's Direct Log Periodic and people rave about it even in rural areas where they are more than 50 miles from some channels. I seem to believe the Log Periodic, like the 4 bay antennas has a wider beam width.

Anything else I need to know before I buy another antenna? Will be using a Delhi VIP 302SR for VHF and only need a UHF antenna.
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