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Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
Hi Tim:

I'm still here. Replied a few weeks ago to another thread who was requesting help with antenna selection.

But haven't seen much activity from other long-time posters, including rabbit73. I hope he's doing OK and in good health. Glad you're still on board.

There's a new post asking for antenna advice you might want to check out. It's a bit confusing to me as far as location and towers. I think the poster is somewhere in Southern New Hampshire, but I don't recognize their station numbers. They look more like our stations our here in So Cal???

Anyway, maybe you could clarify and help the poster?

Hello OTAFAN. Good to see someone still on here!

I did see that post by tinkerer. Even though his member location shows southern New Hampshire he must have moved since joining. The Rabbit Ears report and the list of stations he said he wants to receive is in San Diego. He is evidently much closer to you than he is to me. I did reply to him with some general suggestions.
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