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but after seeing all the other customer reviews
Customer reviews are about the absolute worse possible way of selecting an antenna. That could be the subject of its own rant thread....

I think that the DB8-e is the right antenna for you. Aim one panel at 5 degrees the other at 130. You'll get all the major networks.
This is certainly a straight forward approach that achieves the usual goal of receiving a set of network although the element facing to the north probably isn't needed. With excess signal margins in excess of 60 dB, those stations will come in just fine from the back, subject to unknown local issues (trees, buildings, etc). My aiming suggestion in post #9 is intended to also get you some of the Charlotte stations, assuming those signal paths are not blocked by unknown local obstacles.

FWIW, it's unlikely that anyone has more hands-on experience with the DB8e than I do since I personally did all the field trials and tests during its development and product launch.

When the same signals from each antenna panel reach the combining point, they can interfere with each other if they are not in phase.
This is correct. The two-panel project usually works best when 1) the two panels are nearly 90° from each other (each has a null in the other's aiming direction), 2) you can withstand the combiner loss from the combiner (which is no longer combining the signals from each panel in phase), and 3) there aren't any odd-balll reflections of a desired signal that comes in via the "wrong" panel which can cause signal cancellation. That's why I said " Don't be surprised if it doesn't work out exactly as envisioned " above. Too many variables.
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