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Thank you for posting the last tvfool report; it is much more accurate.

Fortunately, the DB8E that you picked is a UHF antenna, and most of your channels are UHF. It is a high gain (when both panels are aimed in the same direction), high quality antenna, with a narrow beamwidth that is not compatible with signals from different directions at the same time (that's the trade-off). The modification to that design was to allow the two panels to be aimed in different directions.

In spite of some glowing reviews, the antenna with two panels, each aimed in a different direction, often doesn't work. When the same signals from each antenna panel reach the combining point, they can interfere with each other if they are not in phase.

That is why I said it might require some experimentation. This is true for the DB8E, and for combining any two UHF antennas aimed in different directions.

When the signals are in different directions we sometimes suggest a lower gain antenna that has a wider beamwidth and an aim between the two directions. Every location is unique, and requires a custom solution.

That is why we asked for a redo of your tvfool report.

Originally Posted by somerset View Post
I know that combining two antennas is very hit or miss, but I want to see if anyone out there can help me out. Here is my TV Fool report:

I currently have an 8 bay bowtie pointed NW towards Pittsburgh, and a 4 bay bowtie pointed NE towards Altoona, PA . Both have a Channel Master 7778 preamp, and run 75’ to a Channel Master DVR+. One antenna is mounted on the front of the house and the other is mounted on the side of the house, I think that the only channels picked up by both antennas are WJAC, WPCW and WWCP.

When either antenna is hooked up separately, most channels have a good signal (close to 100% strength and 100% quality). When I combine the antennas, the signal drops a little bit on some channels but the signal quality on WATM and WTAJ drops down to 0% (with 100% signal strength).

Does anybody have any tips or trick that I can try to pick up WATM and WTAJ?
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