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Db8e suggestions please (first time antenna person)

Hello everyone!

I hope youre all well! I come here today for some advice.

I have a db8e on the way, and i plan to mount it on my roof, as close to 30' as possible. Based on the info below, what can i expect to get out of it.

Also i was told with that antenna not to get a preamp as it will just overload. Is this true? Since the little women is letting me cut off the dish, i want to get her as many channels as possible without wasting money going overboard.

Thank you all ahead of time for any and all input!!!

P.s. I do plan to take advantage of the rotating bays in 2 directions if I can get it to work properly... If so what would be my 2 best headings to start with?

Thanks again everyone!

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