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Tv Reception

A taller tower would be better for Tv reception , like 60 to 75 feet to better clear the tops of the trees. If you like hunting for used stuff you can hunt for a used tower. Some places to look for used towers are storage yards of government buildings , a smaller tower is taken down and a taller tower is put in it's place , or a tower is taken down because is not needed. Also salvage yards and metal salvage yards can have used towers because they are worth more as the tower then scrap. Also as you are driving around , look for towers that look like they are standing but not being used or are laying on the ground. Craigslist is a good place to place an ad like this-->Wanted used tower 50 feet or taller that can be used for Tv antenna. And amateur radio business can know of people that have towers for sale. Here are some web sites that sell towers , , , ,

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