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Middle of nowhere, hilly terrain

My radar plot:

I've been trolling this forum for a while and have been learning quite a bit; what a tremendous resource. Beyond just equipment recommendations, I want to know if it's even possible to pick up a decent variety of stations in my situation.

Following the recent DISH Network debacle , we've begun looking into firing them and getting our TV going forward via OTA and NetFlix streaming.

Country living is good (we're on a dirt road), but it would appear that choices are somewhat limited. Although the Atlanta market is a bit closer as the crow flies, the crest of a hill lies in that direction right behind our house. The Greenville market, while farther away, seems to have the better NM numbers, and the Fox station appears pretty good indeed (and one of my main concerns is getting Atlanta Falcons games.)

Our house is on the side of a fairly steep hill. The peak of the roof is about 18' above ground at the uphill side of the house; add 10' to that for the ground level of the downhill side. Playing with antenna heights produces varied results, and something tells me a bit of experimentation will be in order.

One question I have off the bat is this: Realizing that I would probably need to utilize a preamp and/or amplified distribution box, would that powerful station 16 miles away overwhelm my setup?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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