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Thanks tvlurker. That would explain it but I just tried clicking the pending button and I still didnt see CBC for my location. There is one other CBC channel much further down the list but not 5-1. I am guessing it is broadcast from Toronto but I dont know how to tell.

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The FCC keeps track of virtual channel numbers. The Industry Canada database from which TVFool gets its Canadian data does not, so the vast majority of Canadian stations show their physical channel as their logical one. Thus, CBLT-DT Toronto shows up as 20.1, as that is its physical channel.

There are only three CBC owned-and-operated stations in Ontario - CBET-DT 9.1 Windsor, CBLT-DT 20.1 (5.1) Toronto, and CBOT-DT 25.1 (4.1) Ottawa.
There are three privately owned-affiliates - CHEX-DT 12.1 Peterborough, 11.1 CKWS-DT Kingston, and CHPR 2.1 Thunder Bay. CKWS also operates a digital repeater on 30.1 in Brighton, and analog repeaters on 26 and 36 in Eastern Ontario. CHEX also operates a very low power repeater in Bancroft.

In the rest of the province, the only way to get CBC for free (in SD) is via Shaw Direct's LTSS program, which has been extended for one last time this year.

The way you can tell a station is from Toronto is from looking at its distance from you. The distance will be the same for all CN Tower stations - CFTO, CIII, CBLFT, CITY, CFMT, CJMT, CICO. (And, since CBLT no longer has any transmitters outside Toronto, you can tell from the call letters - CBLT-DT. The (1) is just the way that Industry Canada keeps track of multiple operating parameters for the same transmitter. In this case, I believe CBLT-DT was authorized at a lower power originally.)

CBLT-DT(1) should be the first Toronto station (at about 43 miles away) on your list. All the stations before that are from Kitchener or Hamilton.

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