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Can you help me choose the right antenna?

Hi All,
I ran a report based on my address and a presumed 25' mounting height.
I have no existing equipment

As I look to my report I'm mainly interested in picking up the signals from broadcast towers that are in the 25 mile true north from 349-355 degrees. It would be a bonus to pick up the 3 broadcast towers that are 11-16 miles to the west 251-262 degrees, but I could live without these stations.

1. is there an antenna that would get both the stations to the north and west, if so what are your recommendations?
2. If I focused only on the stations to the north what antenna would you recommend.
3. Will a 25' height be enough or should I try to go taller. 25' represents mounting on the rear covered deck roof of my house for un obstructed access to the north & west broadcast towers. If I were to mount on the 2nd story roof I could possibly have it 35' tall.

Here is a link to my report

Here is another link from Rabbit ears

Thanks in advance for your help

Gregg U.

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