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Thanks for the suggestions. It seems that experimenting with the exact location in the attic is worthwhile and I will pursue that - I am not willing to put the antenna on the roof.

If I can't move the antenna to a location with better reception, I will consider other antennas. I do have some comments/questions about the antennas recommended above:

ClearStream5: Too expensive for my situation. I would probably lean toward the Stellar Labs 30-2475 if VHF continues to be an issue, but see below.

The 2MAX seems expensive compared to the 2V version on amazon which also includes a reflector panel. I have a reflector panel on my current antenna so I am not sure if it is important. I started looking at other antennas on the antennadirect website and found the 'VHF Kit' which looks like it could attach to my current reflector. Is this kit something that is worth considering in my situation? It appears to come with a uhf/vhf combiner which makes it seem quite affordable compared to the other vhf-only options.
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