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Antenna Recommendation for D.C. Suburbs

This post is a followup to a post I made requesting help 5+ years ago.
old post:

New tvfool link:
New rabbitears link:

I have been living with a 2-bay bowtie in the attic aimed at ~150 degrees, and although usually reception is excellent for most UHF, I occasionally get breakup on VHF 9 and also sometimes on a few UHF channels, often 4, 5, and 66 (real 34, 36, and 35).

My goal is to improve VHF reception and if possible, pickup a little more gain for UHF. In the process, I don't want to loose 62 (real 28, 323 degrees) from the backside (not shown on current tvfool report but listed at rabbitears).

It's time to install a proper antenna, so I went back to my previous post and when looking at the antennas recommended at that time, I found the following:

Antennacraft HBU-33: now discontinued
Antennacraft HBU11K: now discontinued
RCA ANT-751: design changed, possibly inferior now

Q#1) I have searched for some available antennas, and wonder if a 4-bay bowtie, such as Antennas Direct DB4e, would improve my situation, or a different design such as the GE 29884, or something completely different, or similar to the discontinued models above, would have the best chance of working well. Please let me know your thoughts.

Q#2) I also have the opportunity to raise my current or new antenna slighty (18 in.) toward the peak of my roof (antenna is under and parallel to the peak ridge), but I don't know how much free air space (if any) should be present between the face of the antenna and the underside of the slanted roof surface. Any guidance in this regard would be welcome.

Thanks for your input.
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