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Thank you

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Receives VHF off back better than front, so aim it to the SSE.
Perfect! I couldn't have planned that better. The UHF stations are at 171 degrees, and the lone VHF station I want is at 360.

Use a 40" J-mount of extra real estate.

Don't drill any holes in your house until you've found a good spot where it's first proven to work.
I was thinking either at the peak of the roof, or a chimney mount, but I can't stand up there holding it, to make sure. I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed. I won't be drilling through the shingles, into the roof, though, just the trim at the top of the peak, on the side.

No, it will overload.
Well I'm REALLY glad you told me that...I was worried about it.

Yes. Keep the coax from the antenna to the distribution amp as short as possible.
Will do...I'm planning on putting the distro amp on the same side of the house as the antenna.

Thank you very much for your advice...I'm really looking forward to getting it all set up!
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