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113 x 95 x 22 inches
Metric dimensions in mm, probably. Yet another Amazon listing error.

Probably as good as can be expected. Receives VHF off back better than front, so aim it to the SSE. Use a 40" J-mount of extra real estate. Don't drill any holes in your house until you've found a good spot where it's first proven to work.

CM7777 pre-amp
No, it will overload.

8-port amplifier/splitter
Yes. Keep the coax from the antenna to the distribution amp as short as possible.

address into HDTV Antenna Labs
Sort of useless site....

got great reviews
Sometimes, it's the blind leading the blind with reviews. However, sometimes, even a blind squirrel finds the acorn. Basing what should be a technical buying decision on the cumulative opinion of the "crowd" isn't very precise.
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