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I think I'm close

I just read the ENTIRE dscription of the CM4228HD on In the "product features" section, it lists the dimensions as: 113 x 95 x 22 inches. In the "technical details" section, it lists the dimensions as: 41.2 x 3 x 34.5 inches, which is more believable.

Having said costs over $100, so I investigated the Terrestrial Digital DB8, which is a sub-brand of Antennas Direct, and is listed at $79. This one got great reviews, and was also the recommended antenna, when I put my address into HDTV Antenna Labs, as the single antenna solution. That site also said that a pre-amp was required.

I think I'm going with this antenna, and I'm leaning towards the CM7777 pre-amp and the PCT International 8-port amplifier/splitter. If anyone can see potential problems with this set-up, please chime in, as I'll probably make the purchase later today. I want to get this set up, in time for NFL on Sunday!
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