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The CM4228HD has good reviews, but the listed dimensions are 9 1/2 by 8 feet! That is WAY too big. My wife would have a cow if I put that up on our roof! The DB4e is listed at 2 by 3 feet, which is a lot easier to justify, and it also has 4.5 star average review and many recommendations. My only other question is whether to get the 40 inch or the 30 inch J-mount, to go with it.

Does anyone think I'll need both a pre-amp and a distribution amplifier, or just one of them. I was reading this article:
and wondering if the signals are considered strong or weak. The article says with a weak signal and a 6 or 8 way splitter, to go with both a pre-amp and a distribution amp. With a strong signal, it says to only use the distribution amp. The Boston stations are listed between 20-32 NM(dB) on my TVFool signal analysis, but there are some closer stations that go up to 53.4. I don't want to overdrive those signals. Actually the only one I would watch is the WMUR, which is listed at 52NM, and is high VHF. If I go with the DB4e and a 6-way splitter, would I need both amplifiers?

I could use some recommendations on a splitter, as well as amplifiers.

Thanks, again.
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