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Distribution Amp

Were you talking about something like this: for the 8-port distribution amp? Do you think an amp will be necessary? I was just going to open the Comcast box, on the outside of my house, and connect the antenna's cable to the "input" on the splitter that is already there, since the cables already run into the house, to my TVs.

Although there are a LOT of trees, they are probably in the 75-80 foot range. Most are the huge pines that I call "telephone poles", because they are tall, straight, and have almost no branches on the bottom 3/4 of the tree. They just have a "cap" at the top. Anyway, they might be what was causing the intermittent signal with the Mohu.

What is the difference between the DB4e and the ClearStream4?

Thanks for the help.
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