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5-way splitter

Firstly, here's my report:
I live in a very heavily wooded area, where the trees are over 100 feet tall. I tried a Mohu Leaf ultimate antenna, in the room above my garage, and if I turned towards the south, I got the Boston channels, intermittently, but I returned it. I'll be happy if I can get the networks. My plan is to get a rooftop antenna, facing 171 degrees, to get WCVB, WGBH, WBZ, WHDH, and WFXT, which are all about 35 miles away. I was thinking of either the DB2E or ClearStream2, which have 45-50 mile ranges, or the DB4E or ClearStream4, with 65+ ranges. I was hoping as a bonus that I could pick up WMUR which is 14 miles in almost the exact opposite direction, since the antennas advertise that they can pick up high VHF. I have 5 zones to split the signal to. I was going to use the cable splitter that I still have from Comcast (I cut the cord last month), but I need to know if I'll need a pre-amp, and which antenna I should choose, and if I should get a different splitter, that can inject power to the pre-amp.

Thanks for any help
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