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Originally Posted by sam_the_mfman View Post
2.1 ABC
4.1 NBC
5.1 CBS
6.1 FOX
8.1 PBS
14.1 WUXP
14.2 Cool TV(music)
17.1 iON HD
18.1 CW
36.1 GMC
40.2 WGN
65.3 TLC
83.3 Oxygen
You definitely seem to be subscribing to a pay TV service of some kind. GMC, TLC, and Oxygen are only available via pay TV providers (cable, satellite, FiOS, uVerse, etc.). If your lineup has changed unexpectedly, you should probably contact your pay TV provider.

Sorry, but TV Fool is really more focused on over-the-air broadcast television. If you are interested in installing an antenna to receive over-the-air signals in lieu of pay TV, then we can probably help you there.
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