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Recommendation for antenna(s)

Hi all. I'm moving to a new condo with an HOA. I don't want to get into any pissing matches with anyone right off the bat so I'm going to try to put my antenna(s) in the attic and hope for the best. The zip will be 06478. Now, one station that is important is WTNH (high VHF) and I'm thinking about the RCA outdoor yagi style antenna because I've been using one of these in zip 06614 and it works great. All of my other stations are UHF, and most in the same general direction. I was thinking either a Clearstream 4 Max or a DB8e, but, would there be any advantage in using 2 UHF antennas in hopes of picking up some stations from the south.
Thank you for any guidance you're able to offer.
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