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Distrubution Amp

Anyone have opinions on the Wineguard HDA 200? Or are there better devices out there? I need a low noise, low to modest signal increase, 2 output amp.

I need to add a 2 way splitter at one TV, the signal is already split with a 2 way. Adding the second at the TV in question drops signal to the point that TV losses about half its channels.

I'm thinking that I only need 4 to 5 db increase to compensate for the added loss of the splitter. Using a 18 db gain pre-amp overloaded my tuner severely.

Supposedly the gain HDA200 is adjustable, although the instructions on doing that are as clear as a muddy farm pond. I was hoping I could turn it down to the minimum but the only thing I can find on it is how to turn it up.

And the reason for all this is the wife factor. She just can't wrap her head around watching TV through the computer. I don't want to give up my recording on the PC, but need to make the TV work the same as "her" TV in the bedroom. I think she can understand pushing the source button on the remote, hopefully.
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