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Nashville, TN Digital Channels

I have a Sharp Aquos that I got in 2008 and currently I get channels:

2.1 ABC
4.1 NBC
5.1 CBS
6.1 FOX
8.1 PBS
14.1 WUXP
14.2 Cool TV(music)
17.1 iON HD
18.1 CW
36.1 GMC
40.2 WGN
65.3 TLC
83.3 Oxygen

The one channel that I always watched was 83.5 G4, which was a gaming, tech, news, original programming show (AOTS, WebSoup, Campus PD, X-Play, E3 coverage).

This channel is now gone and I wanted to see if there was a way to get it back. Anybody having the same issues?
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