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yes I actually have the antennacraft Y10 7-13 in use at my house right now but it is no longer available and the stellar lab antenna is about as close as currently available commercially.

The televes diginova states it is UHF and VHF but its very limited for VHF and I would say very unlikely to get 7 and 11 and also not your best choice for the UHF. The televes Mix long range pictured in link would be more likely and might work on UHF channels and though better on VHF than diginova would still likely fall far short of the goal.

This antenna is exactly same as UHF version with extra reflector added to back and has a built in amplifier that can be used with the power inserter or without. I actually like this antenna it is good quality but A real PITA to assemble.

Yes if signal received but multiparth a problem then stacking would be a possible solution.

I still say get the stellar lab put on a piece of conduit etc and if u have to just go outside and hold it pointed @134 degrees and see what happens u may be pleasantly surprised. Then worry about rooftop and UHF etc. we are talking about $50 to get at least an idea for VHF.
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