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Welcome RMinNJ,
You have received some very, very good information. In tough signal situations, I always prefer separate VHF and UHF antennas with a RG6 cable for each. Here is why. Even though transmitters might broadcast from the same point, the path they take to your antennas can be quite different. A few degrees up/down or side to side can make all the difference. Be certain to "walk your roof" before selecting a mounting point for your antenna(s). A few feet in any direction can make a huge difference. I like the Stellar Labs VHF antenna and would also go for an 8 bay UHF antenna. Combining antennas sometimes can reduce the signal. That is why I
recommend separate RG6 cable runs, one for each antenna to your television. An A/B switch can be used to change between the two antennas. Good Luck!
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