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grounded cause of ground

Greetings to all.. I hope from my quest to find a concrete answer you might help me with your knowledge.

It seems no matter where I search the internet (including this forum) I will see a question asked about grounding the antenna through the attic .. This usually has a few follow ups saying it is perfectly legal and that a ground is only to bleed off static not prevent lightening strikes and how no matter where ground runs it will be vaporized in an instant regardless... basically the (it don't matter where ground runs if lightning strikes your setup dude you will have a mess).

Then typically the very next responder will say (noway should you ever run a ground through your house are you crazy? why give lightening a path in?)

Not being an electrician or great on the laws of physics and electricity honestly they BOTH MAKE GREAT POINTS lol.

But alas here I ask... to get a consensus on what you all might do given the situation.

1. Logical line of sight point is to mount antenna to chimney.. Due to roof design having ZERO gables though I have no where to run the ground to the electrical ground. I could tuck the 10awg ground wire under the shingles or just run it straight down the roof.. Shingle tucking Yes.. exposed across shingles just too tacky for wife.

2. Mast on side of house where electrical ground is located. This I do not really care to do as due to a 2 story house directly behind that side of house and direction of broadcasts This would need to be a 30 foot mast.

3. Mount the antenna right at the bottom roof edge on OPPOSITE side of the house... Has line of sight.. But I would need to run a second grounding rod and run 6awg wire 100 feel along bottom of house to bond to electrical ground.

Best signal is going to be chimney . I just worry as this does still have about a 60 foot ground run. Which I have read is cautioned against having that long.
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