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Originally Posted by Ultra View Post
UHF only??? Hmm... it does have "UHF" in its name, which is strange, because the description says it receives VHF as well.
"Extreme" are beyond the measures I'm willing to take. I've given up on receiving ABC, and may well write off PBS also
Mmm. Maybe it does say VHF in the description, but I think the physical size of a bow-tie array means it has to be most sensitive to UHF. Antennas with exceptional VHF sensitivity tend to be big (ie long) ... like the Y10713 with a 10' boom. The Antennas Direct CS5 is a VHF-high antenna that is designed to be compact, and it's still about 30" square. AD does some tuning and matching voodoo to get such a small antenna to be a good receiver of VHF. And then, it's only about as sensitive as the Y5713, a yagi with a 5' boom. CS5 $140 vs. Y5713 $30. Boom length is the cheap path to VHF sensitivity. Small antenna == poor VHF sensitivity.

I would expect $7 rabbit ears to be more sensitive to VHF broadcast than this antenna.

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