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The gain control on that amp is irrelevant. It's only for the active return path which is not used in an OTA application. It's actually a drop or distribution amp intended for cable TV applications, it's not a preamp.
I reread the spec sheet on the PCT. They want to make sure you don't have unrealistic expectations for what it can do. If it is not really a preamp then why does it have a remote power inserter? Also, this model has gain adjustments for both forward and reverse gain.

I am considering the TVPRAMP1R and 42XG to pick up the channel 7 (26) repeater.

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
For an inexpensive ch 13 attenuator, get one of these: Put a terminator on the ch 13 input and run the signal trough the Jointenna.

You also have a very strong UHF 14 coming in off the back of the antenna. If you can find one, a Channel Plus NF-469 will cool it off a lot.
Thanks. Ordered both. Fifteen years ago when I tried setting up an antenna system in my former location I found single channel inline traps available on line. They have disappeared from the marketplace. The two items you recommended are marked as closeout and seem to be in short supply. This seems shortsighted since more people now are cutting the cord, as they say. I would expect more demand for such items to help solve these problems.


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