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CM4228HD vs HD7698P - Bow-tie vs Yaggi?

I live in an area with almost exclusive 2Edge signals. I'm not happy with my present system so I am likely replacing my 91XG with a Wineguard HD7698P which is a deep fringe yaggi. I'll pick up additional Seattle channels 9 and 11 on Hi-vhf and use the 91XG to pick up the local channel 7 repeater since channel 7 out of Seattle never really worked well for me.

I recall reading an experienced poster here on the forum who recently claimed that these deep fringe antennas need more surface area to overcome signal dropout problems. Is that true? I have lots of dropout problems!

If so perhaps I should consider the change to an 8 bay bow-tie such as the Channel Master CM4228HD that 'teleview' recommended to me or a DB8.

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