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Originally Posted by tomfoolery View Post
I got that Klein tool from HD, and the Klein stripper (they didn't stock the whole kit), and have been wondering why I messed about with the crappy crimp types for all these years. Cheap and effective. I'm also using the Ideal connectors that HD stocked that are all metal, but I'm not using them outdoors. If I was, I'd wrap them with Coax-Seal then good quality electrical tape.

I'm quite pleased with how the stuff I have works, but I'm not a pro and don't need top dollar tools for this.

Just a single data point.
I bought a cheapo offshore tool on the bay, for 9.99 delivered.
A guy that I bought 5 rolls of 3G coax from, tossed in a bag of 50, of which I've probably used 25 w/ no problem.
I cut the jacket, braid and foam, w/ a drywall knife and saturate the fitting w/ CA.

The plastic tool has held up quite well.

I have never used Coax Seal, but I believe my use of Scotch Super 33+ has been holding up OK.
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