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As to , the 0 NM (dB). reliable reception happens in the , minus - numbers , down to about , minus -10 NM (dB) , and sometimes down to minus -15 or so NM(dB).

The 0 NM (dB) is a Reference Point for reception over level open ground with no obstructions between the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna.

Ideal Reference Point conditions. Notice the words , Reference Point.

100% ideal conditions of reception are not that common , so is best , for Elbow Room , to have plus +10 NM(dB) , for elbow room.

And stronger NM (dB) signal strengths are better.

If , 0 NM(dB) and negative NM(dB) numbers are what there is to work with then ---> 0 NM(dB) and negative NM(dB) numbers is what there is to work with.

0 NM(dB) and Negative NM(dB) numbers , mean a Big Antenna is required to receive as much signal as possible.

When NM(dB) signal strengths at a location go down into the low positive numbers and negative numbers , the antenna gets bigger and bigger.

Also note that with weak signal strengths it is Important to have Less and Less and even no obstructions between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna. If possible.


As to , the preamplifier , Test reception With the preamplifier , and Test reception Without the Preamplifier.

When testing reception Without the preamplifier , Remove All parts of the preamplifier , Remove the preamplifier unit , Remove the power injector , Remove the Power supply.

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