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Follow up question

Thank you for your antenna recommendation. I do have some follow up questions, though.

According to the TV Fool report details, the Noise Margin at my location for any station needs to be at least 0 dB in order to pick up that station. In the case of KCET (28), the predicted noise margin is -11.6 dB. The maximum gain for the HBU55 is 9.0 dB in the UHF band, which means that I am still 2.6 dB short of being able to pull in this station (even disregarding cable and splitter losses). I know that you are also recommending a preamplifier, but from what I read on the net, a preamplifier should only be used to make up for cable and splitter losses, not low on-the-air signal strength, right?

I was hoping to avoid a massive antenna like the 12-foot long HBU55, but I guess that is just un-avoidable for my location.

Thanks again for the advice.
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