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I've been doing some more investigation. Here are two new little nuggets of information:
  • The KGO signal appears stronger in the evening. My success rate of getting any picture during the day is almost zero. At night, it does come through -- sometimes very clear but most of the the time very choppy. Does that make any sense or is it a coincidence? Do stations broadcast a more powerful signal during primetime or something?
  • I bought an in-line signal amplifier from RadioShack. However, it really didn't improve my KGO reception. It's still nil during the day and somewhat choppy at night. It's a 12 db gain with 4 db noise along the 50MHz to 900MHz range. Should I return it and get something more powerful or am I barking up the wrong tree with signal amplifiers? It seemed pricey for an amplifier ($37). Any recommendations on good ones?

I run about 66ft of cable (16 from the antenna, then 25ft in the garage, and another 25 feet through the house). I haven't tested KGO reception by plugging something into the outlet in my house which would cut out 25 feet of cable. But if KGO did come in great with less cable, what are my options? I can't really move my TV or go out and buy an HDHomeRun.

Not getting that one station is like missing a piece in a jigsaw puzzle -- you see the entire picture but that little blank spot just kills you.
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