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I'll give it a try once I dig up a keyboard to plug into it (I can't figure out how to enter keystroke via a Harmony remote). The thing is, KGO/ABC is already in the program guide. There's just no picture.

Some other pieces of information that might be useful. When I did the initial TV setup, WMC said that it failed to do the TV signal scan but said that I could proceed with the setup and skip that step. So now it presents me with the full program guide, even channels that are way outside my range. Furthermore, when I do a signal strength scan, every station comes up at one bar, even stations that are coming in crystal clear. It just seems like something is all gummed up with how WMC checks signal strength in my case.

So I'll try a different zip code, but if this new information gives anyone some more ideas, I'm all ears (or eyes in this case).
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