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I think your TV Fool report which shows 2Edge probably is right. Which means there is some kind of interference between the towers and your location; particularly in your case, with those two VHF channels you want to receive. If you go to your report and click on each of those channels, you'll see for yourself.

I haven't seen him posting recently, but you could try to PM rabbit73 with your query. He's a whiz at "graphing" these kind of issues so you could see what you're up against. It would be worth a try. Or maybe there's another Tech who will chime in with similar information.

Another thought I had was since your antenna is sticking out of your attic, I presume that means the front end, which is the UHF elements; your VHF elements are still inside on the back of the antenna. Since OTA reception is primarily LOS, any antenna inside a home will usually have lower signal levels. And in your case with 2Edge plus inside home antenna, that could be just enough drop in signal strength to eliminate those VHF channels you want.

Tower Guy is the real Tech on this thread who has had a career in the TV industry, as I understand. Perhaps he will bail me out if I've misunderstood your issues. If not, I hope my "best guessing" has helped.
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