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ALL Questions and Answers and Information - Broadcast Tv Reception and More

Thats better , the signal strengths are stronger.

Your location has receivable digital tv stations/channels in All Three Tv Bands.

#1. VHF low band Real digital channels 2 thru 6.

#2. VHF high band Real digital channels 7 thru 13.

#3. UHF Real digital channels 14 thru 69.

WMVS Real digital channel 8 PBS. Is to the north.

WWAZ-TV Real digital channel 5 Independent station. Is to the north.

WBBM-DT Real digital channel 12 CBS. Is to the south.

WLS-TV Real digital channel 7 ABC. Is to the south.

WOCK-LD Real digital channel 4. Is to the south.

And the rest of the receivable digital Tv channels to the north and south are UHF digital channels.

The Tv transmissions are stronger to the south the new report shows.

The Winegard HD7084P antenna is the correct antenna for the south stations.

So with 1 or 2 Tv's connected use a Winegard AP8700 preamp.

And with 3 , 4 , or more Tv's connected use a Winegard AP8275 preamp.

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