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Reception inconsistency


My location is

I know I am on the fringes of reception from the Seattle metro area but I have been able to consistently get the 4 local networks, public TV and a number of other digital channels.

Lately my TV has been "dropping" these channels like crazy. Usually I can bring them back in through the manual programming option on my TV - and re-add them to the list - then the next day, they are gone again. Sometimes I cannot bring them in - but will turn off the TV and turn it back on and then the channel comes in. I have a Winegard 8200 antenna, a power booster and an electronic rotor - I have no idea why we are having so many problems of late - no changes in our internal set up - weather sometimes plays a role but that has always been a there someting in my TV set up that could be changed to remedy this situation? Any ideas would be helpful - I am being drawn reluctantly to satellite because this is soooooo frustrating - and we don't even watch a lot of TV

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