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Try to re-site your antenna!

Originally Posted by deeciple View Post

Well the storms passed and there is no more wind. What a difference! No more glitches and look at the signal:


I never would have thought that a little wind could make so much difference.
Thanks again for your help!

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Watching this thread. Rabbit is extremely helpful, isn't he?

I never found out the reason why you don't have your antenna on the roof. But if you have to deal with this wind every time it's going to drive you nuts. If it's been discussed forgive me but the best thing you can do is re-site to your antenna.

I like reading these help requests and seeing the solutions.

Also, if I could make a suggestion. I found the Winegard lna-200 to be very noisy which attenuate your signal. If you're into experimenting with pre amps, try the Kitz Tech KT-200 low noise preamp.

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