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I think I've got it.


Thank you both for your interest and replies.

rabbit73, I see you're from S.E. Virginia. I grew up in Mechanicsville, just north of Richmond, back when we actually watched with rabbit ears. With a great deal of effort I managed to graduate from Virginia Tech in '63 after about 5.5 years and a switch from EE to Marketing.

When you say, "The SNR is measured from the noise level to the top of the signal." do you mean from 0, or from the top of the noise level?

I'd hate to replace the antenna, but would consider doing so if there were one with a better VHF section. Can you suggest one? Keep in mind that I removed the UHF section and attached the balun directly to the end of the connectors that reached from the VHF section thru the UHF section. Might a gain of even 2 or 3dB on Channel 2 be significant? SNR of 17dB and better generally delivers a rock solid signal.

Because I was having issues with an earlier preamp and thought I might replace it, I located the connection at the bottom of the 10-foot mast, not up directly under the antenna. This added at least 10 feet to the cable from the balun to the preamp. BAD idea?

I should have posted a version of the map and table of data from TV Fool. The file is attached.

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