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Thank you Rabbit73 and JoeAZ for the input. The 5540 divided by mid channel frequency formula is what I was looking for, basically a good rule of thumb to go by. Can't believe I didn't think to make a cheaper test version...duh. Maybe it's because I'm working the nightshift this week? Anyways, I do have a cheap directional FM antenna up and it locks in the information about what's on most days, but, can't lock into a picture. Sometimes I get an extremely pixelated picture that looks like there might be movement, but that't only once in a while. There are a decent amount of FM stations coming from the same direction as the television transmitters as well as a few somewhat local stations. Even with the FM trap on the RCA preamp, they still show up on my Hauppauge tuner listing. I bought a second FM trap on Ebay that I want to experiment with when I get a chance. Thank you again for the advice.
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