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Originally Posted by mars1162 View Post
Hey Rabbit what is the 470' AMSL ? I am showing ground elevation at my antenna to be 493 feet and with antenna on a 40 foot pipe that would be roughly 533 feet above sea level.
To answer your question:

1. In order for me to run a terrain profile, I need to know the coordinates of the transmitting antenna and its height above ground level (AGL) and the coordinates of your antenna and its height above ground level. Since you haven't given me the coordinates for your antenna in a PM, I had to GUESS the coordinates for your antenna and enter them into the profile software.

2. Different sites will give different answers for the elevation of specific coordinates.

I got 432.0 feet from:

I got 433 feet from:
click on Change location to enter coordinates and press Enter

The site that I used for the profile gave me 430 feet before adding the antenna height of 40 feet above ground level (AGL):

If you send me the coordinates for your antenna in a PM, I can run it again. Or, you can run your own profile in the link just above.

I sent the coordinates I used in a PM to you.

I have no desire to argue with you about elevation or what antenna you should use. It is your antenna, your money, and your decision.

I was under the impression that you wanted to improve your reception, but apparently, you only wanted to know why the antenna aim was off; my mistake.

BTW I do get 22 out of Vincennes most of the time with the televes antenna with preamp on
If you are happy with your present reception, then you don't need any further help.
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