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Umm, you typed WTUV, not WVUT in post #6; obviously a typo, John.
Originally Posted by mars1162 View Post
Ok here is my TV Fool Report Rabbit73 & ADTech Antenna worked as should as far as receiving best dead in front with the amplifier on antenna not powered. Or shall we say bypassed. I did lose 2 stations without amp on. They are WSIU Carbondale IL and WTUV Vincennes IN. WSIU is not on my plot map. Virtual 16 and actual 19 I think. You guys were right I think about the variable gain on amp causing the signal to seem skewed on antenna.Thanks a bunch for the info and help.
WVUT is much weaker than your strong local signals. It got wiped out from overload AND it has possible adjacent channel interference from W23BV on real channel 23. The highlighted "a" next to the WVUT callsign in your report indicates adjacent channel interference; the highlighted "c" indicates co-channel (same channel) interference.

WVUT will be moving to channel 31:

This is the point: Because of the very strong WTVW, you need a separate antenna and preamp, not an antenna with an integrated preamp. They must be separate because you need a filter between the antenna and the preamp to attenuate WTVW.

The only other alternative for your location is just an antenna with no preamp.
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