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In order to advise you we need 1) your TVfool plot and 2) the specifics of WHICH stations you are experiencing this phenomenon. Without that very BASIC information, there's not much we can do except sit around and chat.

"Passively amplified". Hmm, that's a real oxymoron, probably created by some marketing genius. Seriously, it's either amplified or it isn't. Now, if they'd called it a by-passable amplifier, that would make sense.

FWIW, that amplifier module has an automatic gain control that cuts gain very significantly in the presence of strong signals. It's frequency vs gain response is pretty nasty when that feature kicks in making it okay on some channels and severely reduced on others.

If you're aiming the antenna directly at a strong signal, then it's probably automatically reducing amplifier gain and causing a significant reduction in signal power until you aim it far enough off-axis for the gain-limiting circuit to relax and for the amp to go back to full gain.
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