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Hello, John

From your photo it looks like you have the 149883 Kit, which is the 149821 antenna + the PSU-550104 power supply/power inserter.

You haven't shown us your TVFool report, but if your other antennas didn't act this way, my guess is that the preamp in the antenna is being overloaded by strong local signals. When you rotate the antenna, the overload is reduced and you are able to receive the weaker signals.

The preamp in that antenna is unusual. When you remove its power, it goes into bypass mode. Try unplugging the AC power from the power inserter, or completely removing the power inserter.

From the Solid Signal Technical document:

That’s why the DATBOSS Mix LR is passively amplified, and it’s one of the few antennas on the market that is. Most amplified antennas won’t work at all if they’re not powered, but the DATBOSS Mix LR will. If you don’t need an amplifier, don’t use it.

The DATBOSS Mix LR includes this power injector that sends power up to the amplifier and also lets you run up to 2 TVs without adding an additional signal. It plugs into the wall inside and safely does its job. If it becomes unplugged, the antennas will still function and the power supply may be completely bypassed if you don’t feel you have a need for amplification. If you are less than 30 miles from broadcast towers or if you see odd interference on many channels, you may not need an amplifier and may be better off without it. It’s your decision. While this power injector looks like Televes’ own distribution amplifier, it does not have any amplification within it. The amplifier assembly is located within the antenna itself.
From the Product Manual:

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