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Need grounding suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions on grounding my antenna, mast, & amp. If I effectively ground the amp, can I assume the antenna is also grounded? 2 grounding options I see:

Option # 1
Antenna/Mast/amp is about 90 linear feet (along house perimeter) from outside meter box currently already used by TV/internet cable (will soon cut cable TV) If I run 90 feet of ground wire, should I be concerned with this amount of length of ground wire? Could I connect to the same ground on the meter as the existing ground wire for the tv/internet cable ?

Option # 2
Inside Fuse panel in the basement with ground wire from the panel to cold water pipe is 40 linear feet away from the Antenna/Mast/amp. Could I run my insulated copper ground wire into my basement & connect to the same cold water pipe?

My setup:
RCA ANT751 Outdoor Antenna
8-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV HDTV Amplifier Splitter Signal Booster with Passive Return
Copper Ground Wire #10 Gauge - 100 Ft
1977 House in Atlanta GA suburb

I have 7 TVs that I need to hook up. I have a very good signal where I have this installed on the side of my house.

Thanks in advance!
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