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Life Expectancy

I have a new installation that is pretty much out of reach if I need to repair or replace anything. Was wondering what kind of time I can expect things to last.

If I can get a ballpark guess on the lifespan of the following items, I'd appreciate it.

1) RCA ANT751 on Channel Master 1805 Super Mast (10' total) and Winegard SW-0012 Gable End Mount. No trees or other potential physical damage likely. Wind can get quite strong (had taken down weak trees).

2) RCA TVPRAMP1R Outdoor Antenna Preamplifier. It's mounted about 4" below the antenna. All the cables are installed with the proper boots.

3) Mediabridge Coaxial Digital Audio Video Cable. 3 different lengths. A 3' from the antenna to the amp, a 50' to the grounding block, and a 25' into the house to the splitter.

4) TII 212 Broadband Cable TV Lightning Surge Protector. This seemed like the best device.

Is it more likely to be a gradual loss of performance, or would things likely suddenly just break?
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