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The coax question leaves me believing I ought to shop around. The Radio Shack price I got for 50' must be the top of the line or it's just over priced at that shop. I already bought the crimper and cable stripper for the lenght of RG59 I installed from there so If I don't find the spool of RG6 I still think I have somewhere, I'll get some at a fair price next time I get a chance to shop. That picture looks as close as I can tell to what is hanging under the rafters. Would there be a good antenna building guide you could recommend or a place to start with theory etc? Do you happen to know if the aluminum used in the typical rooftop antenna has a particular quality. It's not especially strong it seems to me. I surmise that there are cost effective reasons aluminum is what one always sees. Does aluminum have some property that lends itself to antenna fabrication beyond lightweight rigidity? In terms of reception is there anything better? I'm full of questions. In studying the antenna I have several things come to mind like: Is the thickness and hollowness of the long VHF elements, the specific shape of the ends formed during fabrication essential to gathering signal. I probably should just try to read up on this and not pester the forum with my curiosity but it would help to know as I get started.
Thanks for your comments mtownsend!
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