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Your options are limited to "Go big or don't go at all".

You have potential stations on all three bands coming from three different directions. Your UHF reception will be, by far the toughest as demonstrated by the C2V picking up your two strongest VHF channels with a simple dipole. Realistically, your only additions will be WVVA (NBC, CW, METV) and WLFB (Religious).

You'd need either a single large antenna on a rotor or a non-rotor system with three antennas: A low-VHF antenna aimed at WBRA, a High-VHF antenna aimed the opposite direction, and a large directional UHF antenna aimed to the southeast. All the antennas need to be combined, then fed into a pre-amp. Per the TVFool plot, I see no prospect of reliable and stable reception of either ABC or ION, but I've been around long enough to know that the TVFool simulation is never the last word, an real antenna up on the air is.
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