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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Dagwood, here is what I would do.
Check each outdoor connection. Is there any corrosion? Any rust?
If so, that could be all or part of your problem.
I would run a temporary new and VERIFIED RG6 cable directly
from the antenna to a tv. See what you get. If reception remains
poor, I'd replace the CB-8269 Winegard housing. If reception is
improved, the next thing I would do would be to replace the
cable between the antenna and the preamp. I would then run the
temporary cable from the output of the preamp to a tv. See what
happens. If reception remains about the same, you many want to
replace the preamp. It should be helping you, not keeping things
the same or worse. In essence, you will be isolating some of the
most likely OUTDOOR culprits that are likely affecting your reception.
You might try replacing each of the outdoor connectors with new ones
but you might be opening yourself up to other problems. In the last
photo, it looks like one of the lines that go into the CB-8269 connector
box might be grounding out on a rusty screw. Be sure those lines do not
touch anywhere!!!!!
Finally, please be careful on that roof.......
UPDATE: The good news is that I didn't break a leg, nor die of exposure. The bad news is (was) that my ladder blew down about 4 this afternoon. My neighbor came home from work around 4:30, and although I can't really see their house I can see his headlights this time of year, and when he shut his lights off I started screaming like the proverbial banshee. I had been yelling "HELP" up and down the valley for a good half hour (zero traffic) and was getting a little hoarse by that time. Oh well.

They came right over and put the ladder back up. Whew. There is almost never any wind down here in this hole unless it comes from the southeast, and there must have been a big gust that blew it over. Oh well, things could have turned out much, much worse.

At any rate, I was up there cleaning my chimney and checking the antenna. TV reception has been pretty good since I posted last, but CBS would still have a little problem once in a while. FOX has been fine, and that is usually my weakest channel.

So I took that plastic housing off the antenna (after unplugging the power supply inside) and there was quite a bit cobwebs and other bug "trash" in there. I cleaned it up, and after I got back down to earth again, I plugged in the power supply and turned the TV on. Everything is okay, but it may take a few days to see if what I did is helping any with CBS.

A big thanks to all you guys for the help, and I'm probably not done yet. If everything is ok I will let it run til spring, and replace that housing then. Winter is supposed to come in with a roar in a day or two, I may not be able to get back up there til spring.

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