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Are you surrounded by them? They can make successful reception even in strong signal areas problematic.
I'll go even further. They can make reception IMPOSSIBLE.

Several springs ago, I did a courtesy call to a residential location in South St Louis County (Affton) that was within a stone's throw (less than 2 miles) of most of the St Louis transmitters. One of the towers was visible from the home's sidewalk out at the street, but by the time I walked 40 feet back to the house and checked again for the signal with the portable analyzer, it was down by 40 dB (and barely visible on the screen) from the reading out at the street. The culprit? A pair of 70' silver maple trees in the neighbor's yard, one behind the other, that were wet from a rain shower earlier in the day, that were now directly in the signal path and were blowing in the breeze. I gave the folks a C2 antenna, wished them luck, and took my leave.
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