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Early Channel Master 8-bay

The following image shows an 8-bay antenna that was purchased in 1970. Pretty sure it is Channel Master, probably a precedent to the popular ’original’ CM-4228. The physical dimensions and construction are different. Note the differing transmission line feeding the right and left 4-bays, it extends downward. The antenna demonstrated about 0.5 dB better gain on low to mid UHF channels than the popular ‘original’ CM-4228. No comparison was made for upper channels.

That antenna was hit by a tornado in 1971, breaking a whisker (upper right). The tornado destroyed surrounding buildings, along with the tower and other antennas on it.

Note: People lost their lives and many homes were destroyed in that tornado.

The 8-bay whisker was repaired and it was placed in storage until 2010.

Mid 2010, the antenna was installed to receive channel 22 WCTE at 65 miles distant. At that time WCTE was transmitting 57 kW ERP. TVfool showed the path diffraction as 2edge.

For convenience and shorter preamp feed length, the 8-bay was mounted upside down.

The preamp was the UHF section of the CM-7777 (VHF portion in use for Yagis), using an 'inside' balun (with silicone waterproofing).

The Yagis and the CM-4251 already had their separate cables and were combined with UVSJ behind the TV. So, behind the TV, the 8-bay channel 22 signal was separated from CM-7777 coax with another UVSJ, then added back to CM-4251 UHF signals via a Channel Master Jointenna.

Although the reception was very good for WCTE, channel 22, this antenna configuration lasted only a few months.

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